Create or edit a service

To make scheduling services quick and easy, it’s helpful to predefine the specifics of the services you’d provide to customers. By using the service records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can define:

  • How long a service activity would last
  • What resources are available for the service activity, like users, facilities, or equipment

A service requires at least one selection rule and one or more resources, resource groups, or teams before the service can be scheduled with a service activity.


green_diamond_arrow Check your security role

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  1. Navigate to the Business Management area.
  1. Go to Settings > Business Management. (How do I get there?)
  2. Choose Services.
  3. To create a new service, choose New.


To edit a service, open a service from the list.

  1. Type or modify information in the text boxes.
  • Under General, enter a name and description to reflect the specifics of the service and describe what the service is. Also, specify the initial status of the service activity when it is created. If your organization prefers to approve all service activities before committing them to the schedule, you can select Requested or Tentative.
  • Under Scheduling, in Default Duration, select how long the service lasts. This can be changed when the service activity is created. The maximum duration of an appointment or service activity is 10 days.
  • In Start Activities Every, select how often service activities can start. This allows the start times of service activities to be staggered.
  • In Beginning At, select the time when the service activities must begin.
  1. In the Required Resources area, define a selection rule:
  • Choose a selection rule in the right-hand pane.

Selection rules appear in the tree beside the Selection Rule button modify_list.

  • Choose one of the items under Common Tasks to define the selection rule by indicating how many resources are required and in what combination.

Add a Selection Rule

You can add complexity to a rule by adding a subrule to it.

Add Resources

Add users, facilities, equipment, or teams as resources to a selection rule.

Add Resource Groups

Resource groups are users, facilities, or equipment that can be scheduled interchangeably.


You can save a service without defining a selection rule, but you won’t be able to schedule that service.

More information: Create or edit a selection rule

8.         When you’re ready to save your data, choose Save.

Activate or deactivate a service

You can make a service available on unavailable for scheduling by activating or deactivating it. To do this, in the list of service records, select a service, then choose More Actions > Activate or More actions > Deactivate.

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