How to cancel an upload? (SharePoint Workspace)

This example uses Windows 8.1.

Users using 7 or below just use the search bar in the start menu.

The first thing is to cancel the SharePoint workspace upload session.

  • Click the start button and type “Task Manager” and open this application.
  • Click the processes tab and select Microsoft OneDrive For Business.
  • Click End Task, then again in the dialog box that pops up.

Do the same for Microsoft Office Document Cache

Now we need to clear the cache of documents it was trying to upload.

  • Open a windows explorer window either by pressing the windows key and E or by navigating to the start menu and clicking on “This PC” (7 users and below this is called “Computer”).

This PC screenshot (edit)

  • Go to C:Users<user>AppDataLocalMicrosoftOffice15.0OfficeFileCache

(You may need to append the AppData to the address in the bar as it is normally hidden.)

Note:-  This may be different depending on the version of Windows installed.

OfficeFileCache folder (edit)

Select all of the files in this folder and delete them (Hold the “Ctrl” key and press “A” – This will select all the files in the folder) – this is likely to take a few minutes (there will be a lot of files).

A pop up box will appear showing the system deleting the files (as shown below).

OfficeFileCache folder delete


Everything should now be OK and canceled.

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