How to set “Out of office” automatic replies on Outlook

This example uses Outlook 2013.

Turning on “Automatic Replies”

  • Open Outlook 2013 as you would do normally.
  • Click the “File” tab in the top left hand corner.

Outlook file (edit)


  • This will bring up the Outlook menu (defaults to the “Info” tab).
  • Click the “Automatic Replies” button (circled in red).


  • A pop up box will appear, click the radio button “Send automatic replies”.
    • There is an option to set up a specific time frame for Outlook to send replies (useful for holidays etc.).
  • Enter the appropriate message within the text box provided (You will need to set it for people in and/or outside of your organisation separately).
    • You can untick the box for sending replies to external addresses if you need/want to.
  • Once you have written your message click the “OK” button and it will return to the Outlook menu once more (it will now automatically reply to any [if chosen] emails until you turn it off or until the time frame set is over).

automatic replies message (edit)



Turning off “Automatic Replies”

  • To turn off “Automatic Replies” go back to the “Info” menu and click the “Turn off” button under “Automatic Replies (Out of Office)” (circled below).

turn off automatic replies (edit)


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