In this example Windows Phone 8.1 software was used, for information on how to update your Windows Phone software click here.

This exercise is simple and allows use of Exchange services on your Windows Phone.

  • Go to your homepage (with the tiles).
  • Swipe left (or press the left arrow in the top right hand corner).


  • Scroll down to the settings icon ( a small cog).
  • Tap the setting icon.     windows settings cog
  • Tap “email + accounts” from the list of settings.

wp_ss_20150707_0002 (edit)

  • Tap “Add account”

  • Tap  “Exchange” (365 customers should use Exchange, personal Outlook accounts can be added using the Outlook account setup).

wp_ss_20150707_0004 (edit)

  • Now tap each of the text boxes and enter your Exchange/365 login details as indicated.

wp_ss_20150707_0005 (edit)  wp_ss_20150707_0006

  • Tap the “Sign in” button (It will change the light grey to white once an email and password have been entered).


  • Now your phone will sync all the data from your inbox and calendar (your Exchange data) etc onto your phone. (It will tell you what it is adding/ syncing to your phone).
  • An extra icon (tile) will be created at the bottom of your home screen which will take you to your Exchange inbox (this can be moved, re-sized or deleted off your home screen).


  • You may get a message saying a new password needs to be set if so:
  1. Tap “Set”
  2. Tap the “New password” box and enter a new password (ensure that it meets the security requirements).
  3. Tap “Confirm password”.
  4. Tap “Done”

If you tap the icon it will load into your Exchange/ Outlook inbox as shown below (it may still be syncing data so be patient if there is nothing there).


If this does not help check other articles on the Knowledge Base or if not please don’t hesitate to contact us.