Importing contacts to Outlook/ Office 365 (using a .csv file)

For this example it is assumed you have made a .csv file already (as different providers have different methods of creating one).

  • Log into your Office 365 portal here¬†using your new Office 365 login credentials (username and password).
  • On the start screen click to open the “Mail” tile (online app).

Office365 Homepage

  • Click the little cog in the corner.

outlook cog (edit)

  • From the drop down list select “Options”.

outlook cog dropdown (edit)

  • When the “Options” menu loads go to the heading “People” then the subheading “Import contacts”.

imported contacts menu path (edit)

  • When the screen appears click the “Browse” button and locate the file within your computer.

import contacts (edit)

  • Click “Open” when you have selected the file.

import location (edit)

  • Now click the “Import” button.

import conacts import (edit)

  • The process of importing your contacts should begin immediately (this is a fairly quick process) and once complete the screen should tell you how many contacts have been imported.

imported contacts complete (edit)

  • Once finished you can go back and continue using your Outlook (with your old contacts imported).


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