Installing Office 365

This article will go through how to install Office 365 on to your device (PC).

In this example Internet Explorer 11 is used but it should work on all other browsers.

Please make sure you have your Office 365 login credentials (username/email-address and password)

Go to the Office 365 portal by clicking here. (It will open in a new tab/window).

It will look like this:

365 portal


Once you have got to the login screen enter your Office 365 address and password in the specified field.


Once logged in you will be presented with the Office 365 home screen (shown below).

Office365 Homepage

Next click the link labelled “Install”

Install button (edit)

This will take you to the install page for installing Office 365 onto your PC (shown below).

Download page

Once on here all you have to do is check the language and version to be installed.

We recommend you use the 32 bit version (default) unless you have specific requirements (if you are unsure which to install click here ).

(The benefit of 64-bit is when users are interacting with large data sets or files for example on Excel sheets or many pictures/ media on a PowerPoint, performance can be better than 32-bit Office in such use cases).

install DL button(edit)


If you are not sure what version of Windows your PC runs click here.

As you click install a box (on IE 11) will pop up, when it does click “Run”.

run office 365 install button

This will run the install procedure (a .exe file is an application)

Office 365 will now install itself onto the computer, there are various screens that appear as it does so, either watch/look at the information about Office 365 or you can click “Next” on each screen.

If there is anything you are not sure of when reading this information look on our Knowledge Base to see if we have an article on it, if not feel free to contact our office.







(Feel free to click “No, thanks” link on the screen shown above if you don’t want to watch Office 365 explain features).

(Office 365 installs whilst you carry on using the computer, you can even use the new programs whilst it installs)

Do not turn off your computer or go OFFLINE during the install.



When you see the screen shown below you have successfully installed Office 365 and can now use all the programs freely.



Any issues with installing or licences please contact Cloud2020.

Check out other articles by our knowledge base on other programs or to learn how to use different features.