SharePoint Workspace doesn’t appear to sync with SharePoint Online

There are a few possible reasons why  SharePoint Workspace doesn’t seem to sync with SharePoint Online.
  1. The automatic downstream (documents held online being downloaded to your machine) is set to download new documents and edits every 10 minutes. There is information on the last synchronisation time in the bottom right corner of a site in SharePoint Workspace.

To manually sync, click the “Sync Tab”, then click the down arrow under the ‘Sync’ button on the new ribbon, then click ‘Syn Workspace’ which will update all information.

When files are updated locally, when saved they are re-uploaded to SharePoint Online as soon as they are saved (and there is an internet connection). Hence there needs to be an active internet connection for syncing to occur (if internet connection has been lost it will need to be regained before syncing can occur).

If this is not working, it is likely that there is an error to be resolved. Go to the ‘Sys-Tray’ in the lower right corner of the screen (this is the icons to the left of the clock) and hover over the SharePoint icon. This is an orange box with a dark orange ‘S’. You may need to click the up arrow to view hidden icons.

If any errors need to be solved they will show up here.

If point 2 hasn’t fixed it, try disconnecting the problem folder from the server.

  1. Choose the problem library or list from the ‘Content’ pane in the SharePoint Workspace.
  2. Select the ‘Sync’ tab and click the ‘Change Sync Settings’ icon from the ribbon.
  3. Click ‘Disconnect <library/list> from Server’ then click ‘Yes’.
  4. To reconnect, select the folder from the group ‘Available on Server’ in the ‘Content’ pane.
  5. Click ‘Connect <library/list> to Server’ in the main pane (this may take a few minutes)
  6. Repeat for any other problem folders.

If this still does not resolve your problem then please feel free to contact us (Cloud2020).